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The natural stress relief: Take a hike!

This has been proven by a study commissioned by the German Alpine Association (DAV). But let's be honest, that is not big news. If you want to read more about it (in German): DAV Gesundheitsstudie.

On Wednesday, 2 September, we will be hiking in the mountains again. If you you want to participate, please register via the registration page.

We will climb the Jochberg (1565m) which offers a wonderful summit panorama. If you let your eyes wander, you can discover six lakes nearby. You can even see Munich in the north. In the west there are the mountains Herzogstand and Heimgarten, in the east you can see the mountains Benediktenwand, Hirschhörndlkopf and the village Jachenau. And behind Lake Walchensee in the south lie the breathtaking Karwendel Mountains.

You can also get an impression of the hike from the photos in the last blog post.

We expect a mix of sun and clouds. Not exactly the right weather to take a swim in the lake Walchensee, but with the relatively cool temperature is quite right to do some exercise in the fresh air.

So put on the mountain boots and come with us!

You can register here.

I look forward to seeing you!


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