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Final spurt for the Berglicht Challenge

It's only a short while until the end of the 2nd Berglicht-Challenge on April 8.

Keep it up just a little longer to complete the 30-day streak.

It doesn't matter if you didn’t manage 100% to do outdoor exercise every other day.

The main thing is to pick up the threads again and keep going.

The great weather of the last few days will take a little break tomorrow, on Saturday,

but from Sunday on it should be very sunny again and with pleasant temperatures.

Take advantage of these beautiful days, because significantly colder weather is predicted over the Easter holidays.

In the Munich area you can already enjoy the spring,

but in the mountains there is still a lot of snow, partly even down to the valley.

At Spitzingsee, even good winter hikes with sledge runs are still possible.

Shorter is the one to the Obere Firstalm (sled rental even in Corona times).

There is also a nice, long sledge run in the Chiemgau area from Sachrang to the Priener Hütte.

In any case, you should start VERY early,

because the parking lots are already full early in the morning.

In addition, in the morning the snow is not yet softened and you can sled much better.

I'm so much looking forward to hiking together :-)

See you soon,



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