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Why a Berglicht Challenge?

Some people are very good at motivating themselves.

For many of us, however, it is much easier to overcome the notorious "inner couch potato" when we are in a group.

Reason enough to support each other with the 1st Berglicht Challenge.

Together with the goal to be active outdoors 3x/week, it is simply more fun to go out and make an effort, even if the weather is not so attractive.

And support others with your participation. The more we are on the list, the more we motivate others!

One tip in particular I once read helps me personally:

Lay out your sports gear visibly and completely the night before and plan beforehand when you will start. Even set the alarm clock.

If you have as few obstacles as possible to overcome, you increase the likelihood enormously that the inner couch potato will not get the upper hand.

Help us to become even more active people and feel free to spread the word!

I look forward to seeing your results! Have fun,



Do you enjoy Berglicht hikes and newsletters? If you have a friend who might like them too, why not send her or him the link to Berglicht?

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