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What incredible luck!

Nice weather is announced for today, August 5th, and indeed the sun is shining after days of continuous rain as the train runs past lake Schliersee to Neuhaus..

We get on the crammed bus to Spitzingsee, get off at the bus stop Spitzingsattel and walk through the pasture passage just on the other side of the road to begin our hike.

Quickly the path is getting steeper.

A little later we reach the forest and have to be careful not to slip on the steep, stony and partly muddy path.

After this somewhat strenuous part we enjoy walking in the open meadows past a beautiful stone circle.

We have to pass through a herd of wild animals, which some of us heroically walk though while others try to pass around them.

At the very nice upper Schönfeldalm we take a hiking break and eat our sandwiches. Refreshed and recovered we can continue hiking to the summit.

Well, well! It's getting foggy up there!

We can admire the striking Blankenstein and Risserkogel and the other mountains around us as we are still below the clouds.

Unfortunately there is no view from the summit. We can only see white fog. No lake Schliersee in sight. But a nice fellow hiker takes a picture of us.

This is not exactly cosy weather up there, so we don't stay long but soon start to descend through the mountain pine ridge.

Shortly after we again enjoy the view on the beautiful mountains around lake Spitzingsee.

The hike downwards is so much faster and in no time we are back at the upper Schönfeldalm.

Quickly we reach the Schönfeldalm, where we have to disinfect our dogs (Hunde), uh, hands (Hände).

Not only a hearty snack or cake are awaiting us. Also a fellow hiker was waiting for us here.

All together we make our way back towards lake Spitzingsee. As it rained a lot during the last few days the lake changed from blue to muddy brown.

Colourful flowers! What a delight.

To top it all, a Berglicht hiking fellow keeps his promise and takes a bath in the lake despite of the slightly low temperatures :-)

It was great, we had fun and enjoyed the day a lot. See you next time!

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