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To the Zwieselberg

It's cloudy and rainy in Munich, but in the mountains this Wednesday is the only sunny day of the week! What a pleasure to be out and about in the mountains on a day like this :-)

The sunshine during the train ride has already put a big grin on our faces.

After a short bus ride later we are walking across green meadows towards the foot of the mountain.

Pure idyll

There is snow on the higher peaks

We can enjoy such a beautiful autumn day.

We take the path over the Schnoader Alm (the Bavarian name) - on the map it is called Schnaiteralm

In the meantime the ones who came by car have joined us and we are complete.

Autumn path

Picturesquely placed on a small bridge

And again behind a pasture passage

We scramble up a slippery path between the ferns

The slippery path demands a lot from us

But soon we enjoy a wonderful view towards Lenggries

This is a nice spot to take a short break

The little break for a snack did us good and so we tackle the rather steep ascent towards Zwieselberg

That is the hardest part of the hike

From now on it goes uphill more gently

It's not far to the summit

Past the beautiful Schnaiteralm / Schnoada Alm

There we are

What a wonderful view! The sun is hiding behind the clouds, but we have a dramatic light

You can even see the Großglockner far back

View of Brauneck and the Benediktenwand

But it gets too cold up here and so we soon start our descent towards the Blomberghaus. This is the north side and there is already some snow.

It quickly becomes a bit more pleasant for hiking again

There it is, the Blomberghaus

We're having a good time and a delicious meal.

Stylish view through the window

Warmed up and satisfied we make our way back

Land art

Here you can learn something about nature

Easy-to-miss land art by the wayside

Natural land art

Well, the descent would have been faster with the toboggan

Back in the valley

A wonderful sunset on the return trip

Once again an enjoyable day!

The route in 3D

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