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Atmospheric mount Jochberg

Our train to Kochel is a little late, so we are not so sure if we will be able to catch the bus to Spitzingsee. Fortunately an incredibly helpful train inspector announces us by phone and we get to the bus without any problems.

At Kesselberg we get off the bus and set off in single file.

Only a few meters further and we are on a steep ascent.

Through fog and humid forest up we go.

Later the sun flashes through the trees.

We are in an excellent mood despite the mixed weather.

After more than half of the ascent we are ready for a snack break.

Further up, we briefly have a clear view of the lake Walchensee.

For a little while there is even blue sky and a very photogenic cow poses in front of the camera eye.

At the summit, the choice of photo motives is limited. So we take a photo of ourselves, the happy Berglicht mountaineers.

On the way down we use the rain equipment that we have dragged up the mountain.

The mountain hut Jocheralm is not far away. A compassionate fellow hiker has kept a table in the hut for us.

We get into the dry hut and treat ourselves to warm dishes and drinks.

But there are also other delicacies...

Then we step outside and the sky has turned back to its Bavarian white-blue colour.

We go down into the dark forest.

From time to time the trees open to the sight of lake Walchensee.

We get a little rain again.

Back at the lake we are welcomed heartedly.

Another great hike which we will surely repeat.

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