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Winter hike to the Gindelalmschneid

Very high danger of ice on the roads! In this case we prefer to change our destination, leave the car behind and take the train to Schliersee.

At the start of our hike we see a bit of lake Schliersee.

The ducks like it here.

And so do we!

At the beginning we walk over muddy roads, past the pond of the river Breitenbach.

After a while the color of the the road changes from brown to white.

Finally we walk on a hiking trail, the so-called Prinzenweg.

View on the village of Breitenbach near lake Schliersee.

It is so enjoyable to walk on this beautiful, snowy forest path!

Approaching the Kreuzbergalm.

There is not much traffic here at the moment! ;-)

Steeper ascent to the Kreuzbergalm.

Behind the bank you can see the ascent to the Gindelalmschneid. But first we have to turn left.

View of the Roß- and Buchstein, the Hirschberg and the Ochsenkamp.

Arriving at the Kreuzbergalm.

This rustic alp is the right place to have a pause and a snack.

There is no catering. It is all self-service...

...from your own backpack.

Idyllic view.

We can see the Karwendel from here.

To continue to the Gindelalmschneid, we have to take the path down this hill. Since bicycles are forbidden, we walk.

It's good, that someone has already been before us and there is a trail in the snow.

Past the beautiful hut of the mountain guards and then up again.

The hut from the mountain guards in front and the Kreuzbergalm above, from which we came down.

The climb up to Gindelalmschneid is a bit tedious.

It's just so nice to be out here!

Enjoyable hiking above lake Schliersee.

The last meters to the summit.

From the Gindelalmschneid we have an amazing view into the Mangfall valley.

This looks like a painting!

For the sake of completeness, here is a picture of the summit.

And a summit selfie.

It is not really comfortable at the summit, so we walk down to the Gindelalmen.

The short but steep descent through the deep snow proves to be a bit treacherous.

There we are.

And that's where we came from.

First we try the get the collected snow out of our boots.

We want to get to Hausham and take the train from there.

After a good hour we are back in the valley.

In the village we walk a bit along the street.

At the end we even get some sunshine.

Perfect timing! In a few minutes the train to Munich arrives.

It was the right decision that we didn't let the mixed weather deter us and took this beautiful winter hike!

Relive video from our hike:


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