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About me

My name is Denise Lichtig and I volunteer as a trained hiking guide with the German Alpine Association (DAV) besides my demanding managing job. I have three grown-up children and a husband who is at least as enthusiastic about mountaineering as I am. I love exploring new places and experiencing new things travelling and hiking the mountains of the world.

Living near the Bavarian Alps in the Munich area, this is the ideal starting point for my weekly mountain activities. While I simply enjoy outdoor activities it also helps to recharge my batteries and to relax from my busy life.

There is a lot you can do in the mountains. I usually hike in summer, climb via ferratas and and from time to time go on a high mountain tour. In winter I passionately go ski touring and also go snowshoeing.

I sometimes seek the challenge but I also like to walk comfortable hiking trails and take a lunch break on a cozy alpine pasture.

For many years I have been out in the mountains almost every weekend and almost every vacation, usually with my husband, with friends, with acquaintances or with my family. Every now and then I enjoy the peace and quiet hiking alone.

As I always look for new destinations I have got to know a considerable number of easy peaks and more difficult summits.

I am often asked by friends and acquaintances for tour tips and whether they can join me on my next tour. That gave me the idea to offer open group tours.

For Berglicht I look for hikes that are technically easy and can be done by any healthy and active person.

If you would like to have current information about the next Berglicht hike, then subscribe to my newsletter.

See you soon. I am looking forward to seeing you!

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