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Up to the Grünten

Everywhere in the Bavarian Alps it's raining. No, there is one corner where the rain has already left, the Allgäu.

After the somewhat longer journey, we start dry-footed and in the best of moods.

Artistic stone figures observe us.

Colorful signs in front of a colorful forest.

We walk past the Kehralpe.

Zigzagging our way up.

The Alpe Obere Schwand is already in winter break.

Nevertheless, we take a short break at this wonderful place.

Over wooden steps we go up into the fog.

Behind us the Stuhlwand ridge.

We have to overcome some steep parts.

Below the cable car station of the Grünten.

View into the valley.

In front of us the summit with the monument.

Behind us the transmitter of the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Below us Immenstadt and the Great Alpsee.

And we in the middle of it.

What a magnificent panorama - when the fog lifts.

In view of the icy temperatures, we only take a rather short break at the summit.

Soon we walk down again.

As soon as we set off, the sun comes out!

That feels completely different.

Nature object.

Bark beetle writing.

View into the Allgäu.

There are impressive mountains here.

We don't want to descend.

At some point we have to start descending.

Back again at the Alpe Obere Schwande.

Old wooden signs.

View back to the summit of the Grünten with transmitter and monument.

With that wonderful sunshine we have to take another group picture.

People are working at the service road but they take a break to let us through.

Through green meadows.


Beautiful light.

In the hut "At the Riese" we find a bottle of wine - unfortunately it is empty.

There is our bus!

On the way back we see a wonderful rainbow.

It was a good choice to take the longer journey to the Allgäu this time! The day was filled with many impressions and impressive pictures.


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