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Winter at the Hochgern.

Wrapped up nice and warm, we are ready to set off.

A short time later we already want to take off the first layer.

We pass the beautifully situated Agergschwendalm.

Someone wants to throw snowballs ;-)

Through the forest.

The wonderful Moaralm is located directly below the Hochgernhaus.

View from the Weitalm down to Unterwössen.

The Hochgernhaus tempts us with delicious Kaiserschmarrn.

But we can resist for the moment and walk further up.

Since we are well prepared, our shoe spikes are used on the somewhat icy ascent.

With shoe spikes there is no more danger of slipping.

We arrive at the ridge to the Hochgern.

On the right the Kaiser mountains

On the left lake Chiemsee.

And we are in the middle of it.

When I see the lake, I don't need the sea anymore! (This rhymes in German)

Looking forward to a snack break in the cozy Hochgernhaus.

The host has heated up for us :-)

Here everyone will find something to their taste.

How about a hot coffee, for example?

Or a hot soup?

Or maybe Kaiserschmarrn?

Warmed up through and through, we are ready for the descent in the snow flurry.

The snow is falling down not only on the landscape.

This tree trunk is 215 years old.

The descent turns out to be quite slippery.

After a few harmless falls, we all arrive safely back at the car.

Relive Video of the hike:

To re-hike:


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