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What's blooming now? Identifying flowers on our hike to the Schafkopf

We take the train to Farchant.

What an artistic fence!

The path with the Alpspitz and Zugspitz panorama leads us to the beginning of the hike.

We cross a small waterfall.

Climbing a narrow path.

The Wank on the other side of Farchant.

The bench looks cozy, but we contine goes straight on and take a break a little further up.

After a light refreshment we continue through the forest.

Red-blue-(green) marking

Concentration is required on this very steep grassy slope. In front of us the Kramer.

It is better to stop for a short look upwards.

5 minutes later we arrive at the summit.

We chat and have a snack on the bench at the summit. Of course, we also admire the view: Wank, Garmisch and the Wetterstein mountains.

Just enjoying being here! :-)

After almost an hour at the summit, we make our way back.

We walk past moss-covered tree trunks.

Refreshment at a water spring.

The daphne flowers have a nice and strong smell!

With joint forces and shared knowledge, we identify the flowers we find - supported by the plant identification app on the cell phone: That's an alpine snowbell (Soldanella alpina).

We find many more flowers and expand our knowledge of plants.

Afternoon sun in the forest.

Back in the village.

It's only a few minutes through the beautiful village of Farchant to the train station.

Full of beautiful impressions and with an expanded knowledge of plants, we take the Werdenfelsbahn back to Munich.

Relive-Video from our hike:


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