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Sunny hike in the snow to the Breitenstein

We start with brisk -10 degrees in Fischbachau.

We walk on a beautiful white carpet of fresh snow.

The trail first leads to the Kesselalm.

Soon we are at the Kesselam.

We don't enter the hut yet and continue towards the summit.

Here in the sun we get warm, so we take off a layer.

The Wendelstein rises behind the crest.

It goes steeply up to the Hubertushütte.

At the Hubertushütte we take a last drinking break in the snow-covered guest garden.

A short breather on the steep part to the summit.

10 min later we stand happily at the summit of the Breitenstein with its fantastic panorama.

At the Chiemsee the clouds hang over the plain.

We have come up from down there!

The Wendelstein towers over all the mountains in the vicinity.

After an extensive summit rest and having taken many photos we make our way back.

Quite steep here.

On the flatter part we ask someone to take a group photo with the Wendelstein in the background.

It's wonderful here.

Work of a snow artist ;-)

At the Kesselalm we stop for a snack.

Now we are strengthened and can continue.

The path is used also as a sledge slope.

Back at the parking lot. As always we have had a lot of fun. With this beautiful weather it was just great! :-)


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