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Late summer tour to the Hörndlwand, the Matterhorn of the Chiemgau

At the beginning the weather is still somewhat rainy.

The signpost says 3 3/4 hours to the Hörndlwand. We will need only 3 hours including breaks.

Group picture on a bridge :-)

Walking in single file.

Delicious blackberries.

Who is taking a picture of whom? :-)

The path is only rocks and roots...

We can already see the Hörndlwand!

At the old Brandner Alm.

Curious young cattle.

The weather is getting better and better!

The belladonna looks very beautiful, but is very poisonous!

Finally sun!

In sunny weather it is even more fun.

This looks like a perfect spot for a break.

Where is my snack?

Gaby took a picture of this beautiful stone face.

We continue towards the summit.

Do we really go up there?

Such a beautiful path!

View back towards our ascent path.

At the ridge.

What a beautiful wide meadow with a beautiful wide panoramic view.

Only 10 more minutes to the summit.

A bit of scrambling.

Wonderful rock formations.

At the summit of the Hörndlwand. Behind us the second cross at the highest point (1684m).

The summit photo with all of us!

Summit cross, on the right the Gurnwandkopf and on the left in the background the Kaiser mountains.

After the rest on the summit we scramble down a few meters to the path.

Cheerfully we make our way to the Brandner Alm.

Very impressive, these rugged rock faces.

Back in the forest.

There it is, the rustic Brandner Alm.

This is a nice and comfortable place.

They offer delicious cakes here!

But some prefer Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce.

Or Obatzda with bread, if you prefer a heartier meal.

This is a very nicely maintained mountain hut.

After this very nice stop we continue our hike back to the valley.

There is a tree trunk lying across the path.

Does anybody want to try some balancing? ;-)

The beautiful smoothly peeled tree trunk feels great.

Back at the parking lot and in our minibus.

This was a great tour, quite steep in some parts, but never difficult. And as the weather became really nice, it was just a wonderful day in the mountains!


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