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Keep moving

The New Year's resolutions are already worn out, the lockdown continues, many of us work from home. That's when exercise often falls short.

This is the ideal time for our 1st Berglicht Challenge!

The challenge motivates you stay active outdoors.

You can win a digital gold, silver or bronze medal :-)

The goal in February is:

3 days/week of 30 min of outdoor endurance exercise.

Anything goes: brisk walking, jogging, biking, cross-country skiing, hiking, etc.

During lunch break, before or after work, on weekends.

Of course, longer exercise is also allowed ;-)

You want to join? Register by e-mail:

I will remind you every week to send me your results.

Or send me your complete results without registration until March 1st.

You can send me your activities as a digital spreadsheet, as a photo of handwritten

notes, or as a screenshot from an app.

The important thing is that I can see which day you did which sport and for how long.

I publish the leaderboard on the Berglicht page.

Please tell me how you want to appear in the leaderboard:

First name + 1st letter last name (e.g. Amalia F.)

or under which pseudonym.

And these are the prizes:

If you last a full 4 weeks, you get a gold medal.

If you make it 3 out of four weeks, you get a silver medal.

For 2 out of four weeks you get the bronze medal.

I will send you the digital medals per email.

Let’s keep moving! Join in!

And ask your friends and acquaintances if they would like to participate, too.

I’m looking forward to hearing from your activities.



Do you enjoy Berglicht hikes and newsletters? If you have a friend who might like them too, why not send her or him the link to Berglicht?

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