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Berglicht Challenge: You can start until March 8!

It was a bit short notice for some to sign up for the 2nd Berglicht-Challenge on March 1.

That's why you can still start the challenge until March 8.

Sign up and stay active!

It is about holding a "streak" for one month

Do an outdoor activity at least every other day for at least 30 min.

If the streak breaks, just pick it up again the next day.

That way we can will go fit and hopefully soon to the next Berglicht hike together.

By the way: The results of the first Berglicht-Challenge are now online.

8 gold medals were awarded! Congratulations to the winners and to all participants!

Have fun being active,



Do you enjoy Berglicht hikes and newsletters? If you have a friend who might like them too, why not send her or him the link to Berglicht?


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