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And what are we doing in March?

4 weeks Berglicht challenge in February are done!

Everyone was out and about:

Walking, cross-country skiing, hiking, jogging, ski touring, cycling, ice-skating.

As soon as I have gathered all the activities of the last challenge week,

I will publish the list of results :-)

And while we are already in full swing... ;-)

let's just continue with the next challenge in March:

This time it's about not breaking the streak:

Do an outdoor activity every other day for at least 30 min.

If the streak

breaks, just pick it up again the next day.

That is a bit more challenging, but doable.

The time counts from March 1 or 2 to March 30 or 31.

You will get

Gold for a complete streak with no interruptions.

Silver for interruptions up to a total of 3 days.

Bronze for interruptions of 6 days in total.

Sign up!

Registration for the 2nd Berglicht Challenge

You are supporting others when you participate.

The more people are on the list

the more motivated every single one is to keep going!

I am looking forward to your results!

Have fun being active,



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